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Shell's Hampshires ~ Buckeye Sheep Farm ~ Buckeye Border Collies

Zeke (DOB 11/13/2015)

We purchased Zeke from Alan & Tara Wertz. He comes from mostly imported bloodlines and both parents are working dogs on Alan & Tara's sheep farm. Zeke works on our sheep farm and has great instinct.

Lizzie, Shae and Blaire

These girls are our 'foundation' dogs for herding.

Lizzie (middle dog in picture) joined our family in March 2015. She was in a foster home that wasn't working for her. Lizzie was born in 2011 and is out of Cappy Pruett's stock dogs. Lizzie came to us already trained to herd and we are still discovering all of the commands she knows. She has been a great role model for Shae and Blaire. Lizzie is spayed, so unfortunately she won't be having any puppies.

Shae (dog on the right in picture) came from Boles Family Border Collies in Holton, Indiana. She is a Doodle X Tuff puppy, born February 5, 2015. Clover's sire is also Tuff and Doodle is a full sister to Clover's mom, Bandit. She joined our family in April 2015.

Blaire (dog on the left in picture) is the littlest, but fastest of them all. She was born February 22, 2015. We purchased her from Kelsey & Brad Shcrock of Congersville, Illinois. Blaire is a BJ Cody X Sadie mating.

Brutus and Clover

Clover (on the right carrying the soccer ball) was born March 17, 2008. We purchased her from Boles Family Border Collies in Indiana. She has a great work attitude and is a quiet worker. She strives to always please. Clover is registered with the ABCA.

Brutus (on the left) was born October 12, 2013. Brutus has a lot of promise and is a strong working dog with a lot of livestock sense.

Clover and Brutus are no longer used for breeding.